Agatti Island Beach Resort

Agatti Island Beach Resort

Agatti Island Beach Resort presents a breath taking spectacle of sparkling coral reefs, turquoise blue lagoons, silvery beaches and lush green coconut palms. Here time stands still in the mesmerizing beauty of a virgin nature. It is one of world's most spectacular tropical islands untouched by the tourist rush.

The emerald green idyllic palm clad islands of Agatti; the long white beaches; the multi-hued shallow, placid lagoon with its myriad life forms; the diamond surf formed by waves striking the reef and the deep blue of the Arabian sea are all feasts to the eye and an experience that will last a lifetime. Perhaps it is one of the very few places where all shades of blue, green and white are present. In fact, the islands and the coral reefs are so varied in its physical form and appearance that no two would look alike. The quietness and the peace is an enthralling experience that ensures total rejuvenation to the body, mind and soul.

No amount of description can explain the actual beauty of this paradise. It is like discovering something beyond imagination. The resort is located in the most serene spot of the island which is one of the world's most spectacular tropical islands. Swimming or rowing or diving in deep sea or shallow lagoon, viewing the underwater world in glass bottomed boat or visiting an uninhabited island- never is there a moment which is not thrilling or memorable.

Rooms and Pricing


Agatti Island Beach Resort offers 9 beach huts and 10 detached beach bungalows. They are set back about 50 yards from a sandy bay with dining restaurant. The cozy and comfortable cottages come in two types -Standard Cottages and Deluxe Cottages. Standard cottages are located on the beach in between the lush green coconut trees. Deluxe cottages are located on the beach and they face the lagoon. These cottages are quite large and added facilities like fridge (all cottages) and television (only in air-conditioned cottage). All cottages overlook the beautiful beach and lagoon and are eco-friendly and have a tranquil atmosphere. These beautifully laid out cottages have ample spaces to give privacy.




Single - Charge for single occupancy: Double - Charge for a couple.

The above rates are inclusive of :
  • All meals (3 time buffet + morning & evening tea.)
  • Transfers to and from the Agatti Airport.
  • Welcome Drink on arrival.
  • All taxes.
  • Usage of Health Club & Indoor Games.
  • Complimentary stay of 2 children below 5 years sharing parents room.
  • All meals (3 time buffet +morning & evening tea)Watersports kayaking.
Applicable Rates for Children / Extra Person:
  • Children between 5 yrs. To 12yrs. sharing parents room - 50% of one Adult rate.
  • Children above 12 yrs. sharing parents room - 70% of one Adult rate.
  • Extra Person will be charged 70% of adult rate - per person

Agatti Island Beach Resort Facilities

The resort also has facilities for arranging business conferences up to 40 persons.

Dinning: Buffet

Facilities and services: STD, ISD, FAX, Laundry, Ayurveda, Souvenir Shop


Water sports - kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, lagoon cruising, glass bottomed boat riding, canoeing, water skiing, island hoping, fishing, gymnasium, beach volleyball and much more.

Indulge in your Passion

Relax in the sun or photograph the sea or enjoy the exciting water sports. The dive centre here is run by a very professional German based scuba outfit Dive Lone. Agatti Island Beach Resort has some of the best swimming beaches in the world. The island resort offers well arranged aquatic sports like Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba diving, lagoon cruising, glass bottomed boat riding, canoeing, skiing, and excursion to nearby islands.

KayakingThe resort offers free kayaks for the use of our guests. The kayak is an excellent way to have fun on the water. It not only gives you exercise but is also fun in racing with your friends or family. Traditionally kayaks are used for short distance transportation. The kayak is propelled by a double bladed paddle. The kayak and its paddle are made of fiber.

The best way to explore under water life without the hassles of scuba diving. Discover the diversity of marine life of these beautiful islands. Explore the underwater world, enjoy the sublime seascapes. The lagoons here are vast and shallow, leaving a lot of space for a good swim. Guests can snorkel with turtles just a few yards from the beach. Snorkel trips are organized to nearby island reefs.

Snorkeling is a common form of diving on the surface or just below the surface of the water. A snorkel is a tube that allows the diver to breathe while floating at the water's surface. One end fits in the diver's mouth and the other end extends above the water to get air for breathing. You are provided with a mask to see clearly in the water. Make sure to add this in your list of activities when in Agatti.

SailingA gentle and relaxing activity where the only noise is the wind, the sails and the water lapping against the hull. It ca also be a fast active sport where a gust of wind will catch the sail driving you forward with an acceleration which you would not have expected.

Scuba Diving
Scuba diving is for those who want to explore the world beneath the sea, hidden to naked eyes. The islands offer a wealth of relatively new, untouched dive sites in the world. There are opportunities for divers of all levels of experience and most dive locations are within an easy boat trip from the shore. Diving is very enjoyable and is the only sport where you feel that you are in a zero gravity environment. A must do activity. Diving here is by all accounts better than anywhere else as El Nino has lesser effect here. The instructors are well trained professionals who can speak English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Dive to a maximum of 15m with exposure to the sandy coral reef. You can see turtles, nurse sharks and napoleons. There is likelihood to see sand eels, leopard muray eels, lion fish, sting rays and white whale shark. When you go 20m you can see manta rays throughout the year. At a depth of 25m you will see a totally different world. It is usual here to see big schools of jacks, eagle rays and hump heads, the biggest in the parrot fish family.

Note 1
Decompression chamber is not available. Diving beyond 35 mt is not permitted Diving outside the reef is only possible between September 15 and MAY 15. All diving activities are at divers' own risk.

Note 2
This island is environmentally fragile. Guests are requested to leave the abundance of marine life undisturbed. Feeding of fish has never been practiced here. Hence all sea creatures still behave in their natural way. Do not attempt to ride turtles and manta rays. Guests are welcome to find out the difference of diving in Lakshadweep with other famous dive spots.

The thrilling sport of fishing is all the more exciting at Agatti Island Beach Resort. The waters off these islands abound with sport fish like Tuna, Kingfish, Barracuda, Shark, Snappers, and Stonefish. Guests can try the Pole and Line method of fishing, which is unique to Lakshadweep. Guests are offered options according to their interests: hardcore fishing fans can take the boats for deep sea fishing and those looking for leisure fishing can enjoy fishing in the quiet waters of the lagoon. The best part is that guests can barbeque what they catch.

Eiangaram is a tiny teardrop shaped island, which lies close to Agatti Island. Two small islands of Thinnakara and Parali also lie close to Bangaram inside the same lagoon. During nights, phosphorescent plankton which is washed ashore on the coral sands imparts a blue glow to the beach which is breathtakingly enchanting.

The calm lagoon of Agatti is an ideal location for water skiing. Facilities and locations are perfect for both beginners and experts.

By air and sea from Kochi The Do's and don'ts


Confirm your reservation and get the entry permit before you come to Agatti.
To make your stay even more wonderful, carry your personal brands of
Cigarettes, cosmetics etc as only limited choices are available in Agatti.

Litter the land or water.
Pick the coral.
Drink liquor as there is prohibition in all the islands except Bangaram.
The islands are basically restricted areas but guests of Agatti can get permission through AIBER Management.

Come and enjoy the myriad mysteries of nature in its pristine purity. Be part of bewitchingly beautiful biodiversity of Agatti. Live with us in Agatti Beach Resort and return home with heavenly bliss.

Agatti Island Beach Resort Attraction

Agatti Island Beach Nearby AttractionThe resort is located in the most serene spot of the island which is one of the world's most spectacular tropical islands. Swimming or rowing or diving in deep sea or shallow lagoon, viewing the underwater world in glass bottomed boat or visiting an uninhabited island- never is there a moment which is not thrilling or memorable.

Area : 2.7 sq. kms.
Location : 10-51 North
Latitude: 72
Longitude: 72

6 km long & 100 mt wide Bangoram can be seen from Agatti on the northern horizon.

Distance to Kochi : 459 kms
Temperature : 22 to 30 c. The climate is equable and no well marked distinct seasons are experienced.
Humidity : 72% - 80%
Major land mark : The only airport in Lakshadweep; major tuna fishing centre in Lakshadweep, only island with 5 satellite uninhabited islands in Lakshadweep